HNY2013 625x288 Happy New Year and Stuff

Yeah I know… We’re almost a week into the new year already and I’m only posting a New Year’s greeting now? Lag Much? Yes. I’ve been busy and I first wanted to write about my Cape Town and Ngwenya Lodge trips. I’ve also been playing around with my blog layout because I got bored of the old design and wanted something even simpler.

Anyway, enough with the excuses. Here I am finally wishing you a happy 2013! I was so relaxed after my vacation that I didn’t really get up to much for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. I went over to my aunt’s house for Christmas dinner and I slept on New Year’s Eve. I only woke up at around 1AM realizing that I had missed the new year countdown but who cares, right? It’s just another day. And this is exactly why I didn’t really bother making a big fuss about it here on my blog. I think that people make such a huge deal out of New Year’s eve, unnecessarily, just as an excuse to get high and drunk. Oh wait. That’s fun! Happy New Year!

My new year’s resolutions? I don’t have any. I just have general life goals. My thoughts and reflections on the past year? No, not going down that road again. What’s the point of dwelling in the past?! I want to get into the habit of living for the “now.”

For those of you who do make a big deal about the new year with fresh resolutions and stuff; May your new year be filled with success and may your resolutions last longer than a week.

Happy New Year! Much Love! xoxo