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The weekend is nearing a close and I’m sitting here browsing the Wayback Machine and reading articles from my old blogs; from back in the day when I was young dumb and full of other’s cum  and super fun. Now I feel like a boring old woman, never leaving the house, complaining about her dry lady parts and reminiscing the old days. Nostalgia much?! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER DAVID!

Yes, I have got to pull myself together and more specifically, stop living like an old, poor, retired woman with expired “woohoo parts,” when in actual fact I’m still young, good looking (even if I have to say so myself), and I’ve got my whole life ahead of me. I see a much better future than the life I’ve lived in the past, anyway.

Now for the million dollar question(s): “Dear David, why haven’t you left the house in over a year? Why haven’t you dated anyone in almost a year? Why is your vagina out of service? Why haven’t you been recording any more videos? And why have you been neglecting your blog?”  Oh please, enough with your questions! I refuse to answer without my lawyer present. – What I really mean to say is that I don’t know?! I don’t have answers.

Maybe this, this, and this can provide some answers. The point is, that I haven’t really opened myself up to new people and experiences even though that was my intention. There’s still something that’s holding me back, some subconscious issue that’s keeping me in my own prison, locked away from society by my own will. I guess the problem is that I’m struggling to find a way to pull myself out of it. But I’ve started to realize something vital over the last few days and I hope that this realization will help others in my situation to also see the light.

I’ve awaken to the vital realization that I will never find a way to pull myself out of this hole. The only way for me to get out of this hole is for me to CREATE a way out. Being nostalgic or waiting for a miracle to happen is definitely not the solution. I have to pull myself together and create my own solution. At the end of the day it is up to me, and only me, to change the situation and build a brighter future.

To anyone else out there who feel unmotivated, stuck, or trapped by your own will, please realize that the only person who can change your situation is YOU. Also know that you are awesome and that you have the power to change your life. Awaken with me. Let us realize that we are in control of our destiny. Let us embrace it! Let’s stop brewing on the past, say goodbye to current holdups, open ourselves up to a brighter future and take charge of our own destiny. The future is now!

I’m really happy with the direction in which I am heading. Now if only I could get my hands on a hot guy with a huge dick a new designer wardrobe my life would be complete, until the next season anyway.

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