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Affluent Divinity – Coming Soon!

I’ve been hard at work on an exciting new project; Affluent Divinity, a website that will bring together and showcase luxury fashion and lifestyle destinations, brands, bloggers, and magazines from across the grid. The website will feature quality editorials by myself and others, as well as syndicated content from select blogs and magazines, and a frequently updated directory containing web, slurl and social media links to quality Second Life destinations, brands, blogs and magazines.

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The in-world group has already been set up and will be free to join during the pre-launch phase. I’m hoping to get some magazines on board to distribute their latest issues through the group so that members can get all their favorite news and magazines from one place instead of having to be in many different groups. The main goal here is: CONSOLIDATE!

I don’t know about you, but I hate excessive random group chat and notice spam. I often find myself closing many groups chats and notices just because I simply don’t have time to read them all. My aim with the Affluent Divinity group is to keep noise and spam to the minimum, thus group chat has been disabled outright, brand and blogger release notices will be sent out in a single weekly digest notecard instead of hundreds of single notices for each release, and general news, press releases and event notices will be kept to a bare minimum.

The main objective here is to create a useful resource, consolidating quality¬†destinations, brands, bloggers, and magazines into a single space while eliminating unwanted chatter, notices and spam. Wishful thinking or great success? There’s only one way to find out…

Click [here] to join the in-world group (free of charge during the pre-laungh phase) and feel free to invite all of your contacts. I’ve also created social media profiles on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Please Join/Like/Follow – Your support will be much appreciated!

Why am I doing this? Well, there are quite a few reasons actually. First and foremost; I’ve had enough of the feuds and drama between destinations, brands and bloggers in Second Life. Affluent Divinity will be a neutral space where all quality sources will be featured along-side one another regardless of personal vendettas. It’s unfair to make the end-user suffer because of personal issues. A neutral space is vital!

This is also very much a labor of love. I’ve been in Second Life since April, 2007. During all this time I’ve worked with various different brands and agencies but I’ve never really taken the opportunity to do my own thing, follow my own passion, manifest my own vision. Affluent Divinity will allow me to do just that, while providing fellow residents with useful information and supporting destinations, brands, bloggers and magazines in the process.

Now I know that you may have some mixed feelings about all this, so let me clear a few things up right from the start. Please note what Affluent Divinity is not…

  • Affluent Divinity is not a magazine.
  • Affluent Divinity is not a hunt.
  • Affluent Divinity is not a sale or gift group.
  • Affluent Divinity is not a social network.
  • Affluent Divinity is not your competition

Affluent Divinity will be a neutral, useful resource, consolidating and showcasing destinations, brands, bloggers, magazines, etc. into a single space, a place to co-exist, focussed around quality and luxury. All information shared through the Affluent Divinity group, website or social media profiles will be put through a strict quality control process of moderation and elimination based on general guidelines to ensure that the information, destinations or brands shared are top quality, luxury, and worth paying attention to – instead of just another group or site full of random junk. Does this seem elitist? Perhaps, but Second Life is in serious need of quality control and I’m sure that you would agree with this statement. And don’t tell me that what’s quality to one person might be junk to another; There’s a huge difference between quality and personal preference or personal style.

Will I be able to pull this off? There is no guarantee but there’s no harm in trying. Will I be able to do this alone? Probably not in the long run, so here’s hoping that I’ll find some more like-minded individuals who share the same vision and who would be willing to donate their time to building a better resource for everyone.

If you own a destination, brand, blog, magazine, or run an event, hunt, social network, etc. and would be interested in collaborating with me, being featured on AffluentDivinity.com, or perhaps interested in assisting me with this project; Please click [here] to get in touch!

If you’re a Second Life resident looking for news and information on high-end fashion and luxury lifestyle; Please join the Affluent Divinity Second Life Group and invite your contacts.

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