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NOTICE: Email Spam Apology

Dear readers, followers, friends and fans. It has recently come to my attention that various spammers have been spoofing my email address. I’ve only discovered this after I’ve stopped using Google Apps for Business to manage my custom domain email. You see, with Google, most of my spam emails ended up in my spam folder and I rarely ever checked it. Today, however, I got an email from my own email address about a website called “mysubcare” and a work-from-home link – definitely not something I would send to myself, or to anyone for that matter. If you have been receiving similar spam mails from my email address, I’m sorry, but I am not the sender. Had I noticed this spoofing issue sooner, I would’ve taken steps to resolve the issue long ago. But unfortunately due to yours truly never checking his spam box, this could’ve gone on for years.

Now I know why some of you have been reporting that my emails to you are being marked as spam; it is because spammers have been spoofing my email address and spamming thousands of unlucky recipients with junk for who knows how long. I have made some changes to my domain DNS zone file records that will hopefully stop the spammers from being able to spoof my email address. Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. In short; I’ve done some geeky dork work that will stop the mean people from pretending to be me. If anyone is still receiving any spam or unsolicited email from my domain, I am truly sorry, and please let me know!

If you have been experiencing similar problems, view support.google.com/mail/answer/50200 or contact your email service provider to enquire about setting up SPF records in the DNS Zone File for your domain name.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Cell Phones Eat Up Our Precious Time

How Cell Phones Eats Up Our Precius Time1 INFOGRAPHIC: How Cell Phones Eat Up Our Precious Time

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupon code) and David Venter

Want to share this infographic on your blog? Copy/Paste this code into your post’s HTML editor…

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Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone

Today’s web designers are increasingly preferring tablets and smartphones for design and coding. Apple’s products, iPhone and iPad are extremely popular among the general public. A Huge number of visitors to most of the websites out there are from iPhone and iPad. In a recent survey, more than sixty percent of the current traffic happens on portable devices, including smartphones and tablets. In such an environment, designing and developing a website to work with a tablet and a smartphone has to be taken into account. In this article, we have a list of the best web design apps you can get for Apple iPhone.

image Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone1. ZeptoPad

What would you do if you have a design inspiration on the go? You cannot easily rely on pen and paper to take it down, right? In such a case, a great application to use will be ZeptoPad. This is a note taking whiteboard app for iPhone. The tools provided in ZeptoPad include handwriting, drawing tools, peer to peer sharing, OpenGL support, etc.

image0 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone2. FTP On the Go

This is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client for Apple iPhone. It helps you maintain a website with such tasks as remote file management, creation, deletion, renaming, access settings, etc. The app helps you view the files on your website’s server as well as on your iPhone. With its in-built browser, you can make changes to certain files right from within the iPhone.

image1 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone3. Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics to track your web statistics, you may like Analytics app. It has the Lite edition as well as the Pro edition. With Lite, you can get the basic statistics, and with the Pro edition, you can get over fifty different traffic analysis reports through Google Analytics, and it helps you examine traffic sources, ecommerce details, conversion details, etc.

image2 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone4. Dexigner

Dexigner, pronounced ‘designer’ is an app that delivers latest web design news to your iPhone. This app is within the news category and has a number of sources on all kinds of design related jobs. It helps you track latest design trends, conferences, events, exhibitions, notifications, competitions, awards, galleries, etc.

image3 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone5. Ego

Just as Analytics, Ego is a statistics app. It helps you track your own traffic statistics. It helps you track your own details, such as the visits to your website, the number of Twitter followers you have, Google Analytics data, etc., at a single place through a well-designed platform. This is the fastest way to check your important statistics without having to log into the concerned service.

image4 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone6. CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS, Cascading Style Sheet is the primary language for styling and is one of the three main parts of HTML markup. Every time, a developer makes a website, he may need to refer to the CSS in order to display a specific element properly. In order to make that work, CSS Cheat Sheet iPhone app can help you. This is not just a dummy interface app, but a native iPhone app, with its own complete CSS reference database. It is produced by professional web developers and is perfect for working with a web design offline.

image5 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone7. CliqCliq Colors

Web designers constantly need to find the right color for a specific feature. They need to build palettes of colors that conform to the right design. Cliqcliq Colors is the perfect app for this purpose. A designer can quickly convert the color formats between RGB, CMYK, and HSB. Having this on iPhone helps you select the right color at any point of time. Also, on a smartphone, color picking is more convenient than on the desktop.

image6 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone8. Photobucket

This app helps you automatically upload and edit your images and video files. It also helps you in securely backing up your photos. It is also available on Android smartphones.

image7 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone9. WhatTheFont Mobile

In order to help a designer identify the right font for a specific purpose, here is an app. WhatTheFont Mobile is a font finder app. If you have ever spotted a specific font on a print magazine or a website, you can simply take a snapshot of that font and WhatTheFont will identify the font for you. The app works with MyFonts service to spot the right font. It also helps you connect via Wi-Fi for immediate identification of a particular font.

image8 Top Ten Web Design Apps for Apple iPhone10. Adobe Ideas

Adobe’s Ideas is a note taking and sketching app for your iPhone. It is designed for iPad as well. The app works with vector graphics and helps you create vector sketches on your iPhone. With proper stylus, you can create vector sketches with perfect precision.


With these great apps, creating websites and related content on an iPhone has become a lot easier. Also, most of these apps work with iPad as well, and hence you can get them working on that device too. Web design within these devices will help make your website compatible with portable touch-based devices.

[ Article by Laurel Shah ]

Laurel Shah works for Creating Websites blog and is the associate editor for Blue Bugle. She has experience with a number of technology companies, including HP, AT&T, and Accenture. Now she is a full time technical writer and online technology columnist.

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Attention South Africa: Cars.co.za Releases Powerful Car App for Android [Sponsored Post]

 Attention South Africa: Cars.co.za Releases Powerful Car App for Android [Sponsored Post]cars android app 625x525 Attention South Africa: Cars.co.za Releases Powerful Car App for Android [Sponsored Post]

Bank queues, home affairs, doctor’s waiting rooms. Traditionally, the least interesting activities known to mankind. Thankfully you don’t have to page through that tatty copy of Huis Genoot anymore.

Cars.co.za has developed a unique car app for Android that puts the site’s massive database of cars for sale in South Africa into your pocket – available anytime, anywhere.

The app is fast, convenient and features clever tools to help you find the perfect car for your budget.

Get the latest car news, research new car prices and specs, and tag your favourites to view later. It’s all at your fingertips.

Cars.co.za is proud to present our local app tailored for the Android platform.

Powerful Android App feature functionality includes:

  • Simple “Quick search” facility
  • Advanced search facility
  • Multiple search criteria support
  • Comprehensive sorting options
  • Favourites tagging
  • Multiple images
  • Simple contact form

New Car Research

The new Cars.co.za Android app is a first for South Africa in offering a comprehensive new car database that is constantly updated with pricing and specs. You’ll find everything you need to know about that new model right here. An exclusive list of new car specials is also available.

The Latest Local and International Car News

Our team of writers bring you the latest from the world of cars everyday – direct to your app. Car news, reviews and industry analysis, with fresh content every single day.

Additional Service and Tools

The Tools section of the new app offers a handy vehicle finance calculator and insurance quote generator – providing all the information you might need to make the best purchasing decision.

Download the Cars.co.za Android App

Download the App here

Also available for iOS from the iTunes App Store

[ Press Release brought to you by Cars.co.za and myScoop ]

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Jobs Official Trailer #1 (2013)

The story of Steve Jobs’ ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs.

[ Source: movieclipTrailers ]

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Style Your Gadgets with Custom Covers

 Style Your Gadgets with Custom CoversGadget appearance personalization has become another form of self expression. Gone are the days where we’re judged solely on the watches or shoes that we wear. Our cellphone covers have now also become a part of our over-all identity and window to our personality. A funky designer cover can look awesome on our gadgets but what’s even better is custom designed covers made to a unique design specification. Having custom designed skins for our gadgets can set you apart from your peers and offer greater self-expression.

South African company Wrappz, allows you to design your own custom hard cases, skins, & covers for phones, iPads, iPods, laptops, kindles and games consoles. They have a really awesome web application which enables you to create your own custom covers. I’ve made a basic one for DAVIDVENTER.NET just to show the interface…

Screen Shot 2013 06 06 at 8.13.51 PM 625x434 Style Your Gadgets with Custom Covers

The interface allows you to design custom covers by adding your own images or selecting from a collection of stock images, adding text and changing colors. Fashionista’s can make covers to fir their wardrobe. Or perhaps you’d like a picture of your partner or pet as your gadget cover? The possibilities are endless.

Custom skins include bespoke designs for mobile phones, iPads, iPods, iPod Touch, Laptops, Kindles and all Tablets, PSPs, DS, Xbox etc. Other Mobile Phone accessories include iPhone skins and cases, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google skins, LG and Motorola skins. Wrappz also provides Kindle accessories.

Give it a try: Visit Wrappz.co.za to design your own custom covers.

[ Sponsored Post brought to you by myScoop ]

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Happy Birthday WordPress!

wordpress 10 625x82 Happy Birthday WordPress!

My web publishing platform of choice; WordPress, is ten years old today. Started in 2003 with humble beginnings, WordPress is now the most loved and most popular Content Management System of choice for millions of blogs and websites world wide. I have worked with WordPress since 2005 and since then I’ve never been frustrated, disappointed nor felt the need to look elsewhere for my web publishing needs. Whenever I am asked for advice in terms of which Content Management System to use, I always recommend a self-hosted WordPress install from WordPress.org. It is, by far, the best system currently available.

Not only do I use WordPress to run this very website; I also use it as my tool of choice when developing websites for clients. If you’re looking for someone to help you build a kick-ass WordPress website, get in touch with me.

Happy Birthday to WordPress, the BEST website Content Management System available.

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