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creative |krēˈādiv| – relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

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244 Madison Avenue
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New York, United States

I’m David.

—Founder, Creative Director.

I’m a 30-year-old entrepreneur from South Africa. DAVIDVENTER.NET and the DV products and services are a representation of my professional goals and aspirations – Made manifest through keen interest, dedication, and a mission to create a unified space for developing and showcasing my passion for creative digital design, electronic music, online entertainment, printed apparel, and modern web technology.

I work with trusted friends, peers, and industry leading partners to provide you with the ultimate service experience. We invite you to work with us!


DAVIDVENTER.NET was founded in 2010 as the personal blog of David Venter. It has since become a personal brand and sole proprietor trade name for goods and services offered by David Venter under the following trademarks:

David Venter, Trading as:

DV : David Venter

DAVIDVENTER.NET : Official Website

DV HOMME : David Venter Homme – Menswear Fashion Label

DV MEDIA : David Venter Media – Blog and News Articles

DV MUSIC : David Venter Music – Independent Record Label

DV STUDIO : David Venter Studio – Digital Design, Copywriting, Social Media

DV STORE : David Venter Store – eCommerce Online Store

David Venter provides digital media services which help you create an online presence for your business; assisting in optimizing your digital media so that it is performing at peak, and helping you to make optimum use of your resources.

David Venter creates, measures and implements various digital media strategies and by providing multiple services, different initiatives can easily be executed.

Things we can do for you

Update Your Wardrobe

We design, manufacture, and ship our very own fashion label. We also provide customized apparel to keep you looking your best!

Keep You Entertained

Electronic music is in our DNA. Play tunes from our own independent record label or check out our curated playlists.

Manage Your Online Presence

Having a professional website is now easy with our Managed Website Service. We do all the work for you. Yes, ALL the work!

Provide Beautiful Artwork

From carefully crafted logo design to eye-catching social media graphics, we create beautiful artwork for a variety of mediums.
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