And by students I don’t mean youth in college, I mean primary school kids?

Primary school kids and REALLY OLD people. – Here and there a few fabulous faggots, but the majority are like really annoying little children, pretending to be grown up, and then the old people with no fashion sense. What the fuck?!?!

I’m sitting here at Kauai waiting for my business partner and got bored so decided to whip out my PowerBook and write shit. haha. Wish I had my camera here, there are a few really disturbing images, fashion disasters, and just plain OH MY GOD NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING…

Ok well, let’s not be shallow now, I’m sure all these people are very nice once you get to know them? sarcasm

I’ve just realized that I need to clean my laptop screen, it’s filthy, eww..

Till Later…

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