Seems like we didn’t see much of ‘Spring’ here in South Africa this year. It’s like we skipped it and jumped straight from winter to summer.

A few nights ago I was still kind of freezing to death, and now It’s so hot all of a sudden that I just feel like passing out, or jumping into the pool or whatever.

The seasons are changing, the world is acting strange. Is it mother nature’s way of telling us that Enough is enough, we are fucking up the planet, or is it part of evolution? – I watched a show on the National Geographic channel the other day, can’t remember what it was called but anyway… Apparently the world goes through these changes every few thousand years, and it’s a natural process, it’s not caused by human fault. Although scientists and everyone else on this planet seems to believe that it’s our own fault that the ozone layer is busy deteriorating and that the seasons are changing. – I for one believe that it’s part of mother nature’s natural process.

What are your thoughts on this?…

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