Back by popular demand? Lol, I don’t know, but yeah.. Many of my friends have wanted me to put my personal blog back up again and I also really missed it myself; So here it is!

You are probably wondering why I am using to manage my blog? Well; since I am very busy with other stuffs all the time I wanted something quick, easy and simple just to get my blog back up, and is the best solution for that (i think?) – Later on once my blog starts to grow again I will probably either move it over to my own server or I will get a premium membership from WordPress, we’ll see what happens.

I will go through some of my old backup disks to see if I still have any of my old blogs backed up and if I do I will ad some posts that are still worth reading, however I can not make a promise that this blog will be up to date and updated on a regular basis as things are quite hectic for me right now but I will try my best and see how things go.

(P.s Many of the other ‘Pages’ are still empty and/or under construction, so please be patient while I add more content to this blog)

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