So, here I am, sitting in my room kinda bored got plenty of friends on email, IM and SMS asking me to go out with them tonight but for some reason I am not in the mood. Strange? I guess it’s just been a really long week and I’m too lazy to bother with dressing up and getting the energy to dance the night away.


Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve become very non-scene lately? Reason being that the South African gay scene is not really a very ‘friendly’ place to be (unless I’ve just been hanging with the wrong crowd in the past). On a lazy day the last thing that I’m in the mood for is a bunch of sluts and druggies, I’d much rather sit at home and entertain myself, or perhaps visit my boyfriend.

I might change my mind about going out tonight, but if I do it will be to a cocktail lounge or a house party. Keep an eye on my live tweets to see what I decide to do.

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