A couple of days ago I decided to take a break from work and to get out of this concrete jungle so some place more calm and open, a place where I can clear my thoughts and relax. Pilanesburg is just what I needed!

The first few hours of the trip were quite eventful! Just as we entered the gates of Pilanesburg we came across an entire pride of lions chasing after a warthog. Unfortunately we could only see them through binoculars and they were way too far to get a decent photo.

The rest of the day was quite peaceful, enjoying the sun and relaxing at various camp sites and hides; that was until we started making our way back from the Safari trip and we were blocked from going anywhere by a whole group of Elephants standing in the road and refusing to move our of the shade spot. We could’ve reversed but unfortunately another elephant came into the road behind us. We sat stuck there for about an hour before we could eventually make our way back, (See images on my Flickr Page)

On the final drive back we came across a nice huge White Rhino right next to the road and managed to take some pretty good photo’s.

Throughout the entire Safari we have seen various Lions, Elephants, Antelope, Springbuck, Giraffe, Kudu, Wildebeest, Rhino, Warthog, Turtles, reptiles, birds, etc…

It was truly a relaxing and uplifting experience. I really needed the break. Maybe next time I’ll go here to get even farther away from the daily norm.

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