Lately I’ve been using A LOT of onions in all my food, and throughout this time I’ve discovered a nifty way to stop your eyes from burning/tearing when cutting/slicing/chopping onions. Thought I’d share this little quick tip with you guys (some of you may already know it) because it really makes things a lot easier in the kitchen.

It’s quite simple really. Follow the steps below and you won’t be a cry baby any longer:

Step 01: You have the raw, un-pealed onion and the knife in your hands – rinse the onion, your hands, and the knife in cold water.

Step 02: Peal the onion – toss away the “skin” and once again rinse the onion, your hands, and the knife in cold water.

step 03: Slice/chop/dice the onion, afterwards put the knife under water and once again rinse your hands in cold water.

step 04: NO MORE CRYING!!! hahaha.

This method works really well for me, I am sure there are other anti-tear methods for slicing onions out there, but this one is pretty simple and effective, give it a try, you will be amazed.

Oh and please; let me know if it does / doesn’t not work for you, I would love some feedback on this. (if it doesn’t work for you then you probably have some seriously HECTIC onions or your senses are just WAY TOO sensitive hahaha).

Alright, back to the kitchen, I’ve got some salad and lasagna to prepare…

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