Last week I decided to take the plunge and port my mobile number from Virgin Mobile to Vodacom. You can read the original post by clicking here. In that post I promised an update as soon as the porting process is 100% complete, and Finally.. Its Done. I’m a Vodacom Subscriber and I LOVE IT.


I’m not gonna lie to you. There has been some serious BULL SHIT CRAP issues, and the entire process is quite tiring to say the least. It started off at Cellular Bar in East Rand Mall (avoid them). The port was supposed to take no more then 24 hours, but about 3 days later nothing has happened, so I went back to Cellular Bar asking them”Please can you tell me what is going on?!” Their Response: “Please wait another 24 hours.”

As I walked out I decided FUCK THAT that perhaps I should go to an actual Vodacom outlet, and avoid the 3rd party distributor, maybe they will be able to at least tell me what’s going on? I walk into Vodashop and the first thing they ask me: “May we see the simcard that they (Cellular Bar) provided you with?”

So… Apparently the stupid morons people over at Cellular bar weren’t fully trained and gave me the wrong type of sim card. With that sorted I got a new sim and did the porting process again. That same night the new sim card became active and I was super happy. But wait… There was another problem.

All calls coming in from Virgin, Cell C and Telkom still went to my old (Virgin Mobile) sim card while calls from Vodacom and MTN went to my new (Vodacom) sim card. I thought that this was an issue with Vodacom and immediately got on the phone to find out why they fucked me over this is happening.

It turned out that Virgin Mobile was to blame, they have not yet deleted my number off their network. After bitching about it with Virgin Mobile and logging a support request with Vodacom it took another 24 hours, and then… FINALLY I am away from that lame excuse of a mobile operator that should just close down because their service is shit Virgin Mobile, and can now enjoy the benefits of a “proper” Service Provider.

So there you have it, my “porting” experience – I love you Vodacom!

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