Since the launch of Virgin Mobile in South Africa is has been possible for people to port their current existing cellphone number to any other cellular network. Many users have ported from MTN and Vodacom to Cell C and Virgin Mobile hoping for better prices, and better service. Unfortunately Cell C and Virgin Mobile is not offering good services, and many users have ported back to their original network.

I was quite excited when Virgin Mobile launched here in South Africa, and being one of the first few people to sign up I got the option to choose my cellphone number. Being business orientated I decided to get a Virgin Mobile sim card with a custom number to use as my business line. Picking a number was quite easy as I wanted something that would be easy for Vervean Media clients to remember, so I chose “0741 VMEDIA” which is 0741863342. All I had to do was give Virgin Mobile a call and ask them to change my number from the default starter pack sim number to my custom chosen number. Within a few minutes I had my new custom number. Now that was about the only decent service I received from Virgin Mobile.

For the first few weeks things went really well and everyone was positive and fired up about the new mobile network promising change in the country. But as time went by all the negative aspects of the network started to become clearly visible.


Virgin Mobile’s lack of proper customer service, their terribly designed website and online user service center which is never available, their lack of 3G and video calling services and their terrible customer service department. Sounds a lot like Cell C doesn’t it? Not to mention their billing errors with contract customers.

Do yourself a favor and do some googling around for Virgin Mobile South Africa and discover the thousands of unimpressed users (most of them ended up porting to another network). This is what brings me to the “point” of this post.

I have decided to port my number from Virgin Mobile to Vodacom and I am very excited to once again be a member of South Africa’s leading cellular network.

Have any of you ported from one network to another? If so, which network and why? What was your over-all experience with the porting process? I would like to hear from you! Please share your story with me via email or by leaving a comment below…

UPDATE: Please view Comments for updates on the porting process (David Venter).

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