Here we are, its time for the weekend! Before I step away from my computer to relax with my partner and enjoy the weekend, I thought I’d quickly make one more post just to say Thank you to everyone that has shown such great support here on my blog, on facebook and on twitter. You guys are AWESOME!!

Things are going a bit better here in my home life, but my partner and I have been in discussion with his parents regarding the possibility of me moving in with him there until such time that we get our own place. My business is growing rapidly so now I’m not sure weather to look out for a suitable ‘work from home’ apartment, or to just rent a small office and give all my focus to my business first? I’ll see what happens and keep you updated on the outcome.

There’s only one direction to go now and that is up, high up the ladder to success, wealth, health, and happiness!

In other news; I’ve decided to start posting a daily twitter archive to my blog as well, starting today. I’ll end off with my last post of the week as today’s twitter archive.

I hope that all of you have an AWESOME weekend, and thanks for stopping by…

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