It’s official – I’m a farmer! Or am I? Whatever the case may be I seem to have become terribly addicted to FarmTown and FarmVille on FaceBook. Fortunately crops take a while to grow which means that my new addiction will not take up all my time causing me to be less productive.


I only need to submit to the terrible beast once every 2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours.. etc.. (or however long it takes my crops to grow). In the meantime I can either sit and stare at it while waiting for it to grow (much like watching paint dry) or I can do something productive! I used to be totally against all games within FaceBook but now I’ve come to realize that it’s not so bad.


Even though I really enjoy my new ‘play-pretend’ profession on my virtual farm there are still some things that I simply cannot do due to the fact that I need more neighbors. And here we come to the reason for this post…

If there is anyone reading my blog that are playing FarmTown and/or FarmVille on Facebook, please be my neighbor? You can invite me by visiting my profile and then adding me as a neighbor within FarmTown and/or FarmVille after I have accepted your friend request. Please be sure to include a little message in your friend request that you would like to become a neighbor in FarmTown and/or FarmVille otherwise I might reject.

Till next time… Here’s to happy Farming!

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