I’ve always wanted to write a book. Since I can remember I’ve had this great urge to just sit down and put my thoughts to paper. But for some reason, every time that I actually sit down in front of my computer my mind goes completely blank.

During the day there would be many occasions where I’m just relaxing somewhere with my mind wandering far away, thinking about fictional fantasy. If I wasn’t worried about what people would think of me then I would probably sit there and record myself telling random stories of things that I think about.

I’ve come to realize that all these random stories could be put together and turned into a great novel of some sort, yet I still haven’t bothered actually recording them.

Writing has always been something that I enjoy, since I’ve touched a computer for the first time I’ve been writing many stories, blogs, articles, and just about everything else. Why is it that my mind goes blank every time that I open a word processor to write my thoughts? Perhaps I’m not in the right environment? Maybe I’m so used to writing professional business documents that when it comes to creative writing I just go blank?

I keep telling myself that maybe I should get a little net-book. That way I can carry it with me and as a creative fictional fantasy comes to mind I can immediately type out what’s happening inside my mind. At the moment I can’t really afford another computer though and my iMac is one of the best so I guess that I’ll just have to stick with what I have and hope that creativity will flow from within me every time that I sit down here to write my book.

Another problem comes to mind. I’m not sure what to write about. Once I start writing I know that the creative juices within me will start flowing but now I am struggling to find a starting point. What do I write about? Do I want to write a fictional story or something true that is close to my heart. After much deliberation I’ve decided that the story will be fictional, yet this also leaves me with many unanswered questions. What category do I want to write in? What style of writing do I want to use, etc?

For many weeks I’ve been thinking about this and then one day it hit me. I love everything modern, political, emotional, and perverted, so I have decided to write an erotic story based on gay lifestyle and modern technology. A story that will take the reader on a journey through time, love and lust. A story that can be turned into a box office film.

Now in order for me to stick to one story and to finish the plot I’ve decided to post this to my blog. That way I have some sort of pressure from my readers to eventually finish the book and publish it online at least. So here goes. When I get some free time on my hands and my mind starts to wander I will write whatever comes to mind and hopefully turn it into an amazing book. Wish me luck!

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