I’ve come to realise that having a personal web blog is like running your own reality TV show. You always end up putting some information out there that you regret or you try to turn the personal blog into something completely different all-together. Some people have even accused me of being desperate for attention or just “too eccentric.” Whatever the case may be according to the general stereotyping population, I’m still here, my blog is still running since around 2006 (on and off), and it really needs an update in all departments, (personal, business, etc.)

But first, in case you’re wondering if I still look the same; The answer is pretty much yes! Here’s me (UNEDITED – 03 January 2010 – 23h00) sitting in front of my iMac like the nerdy internet addict that I am, with messy hair and sore eyes.

David Venter

Do I still have your attention? Ok.. Cool.. Let me carry on then…

Just as I started writing this post my Internet (Neotel) died on me so I decided to carry on watching some “How I Met Your Mother.” Now it’s already 5AM in the morning, I’ve been up all night waiting for the Internet to start working again while watching the whole of season 2, that I completely lost track of time. So off I went, attempting what is usually impossible… Sleep. Some time went buy as I read some e-books on my phone and then I decided to come down to my office to have a smoke and check if the Internet is working again. Alas it is not.

Wow, I’ve just realised that I am the Internet, without the Internet I would have no life, no work and no entertainment. I’m totally addicted to the Internet! A computer without an Internet connection is not a computer! I would not spend as much time in front of it, instead I would be …. Well…. I have no idea what I would be doing.

Anyway, back to the main points of this post. I’ve decided to include both personal and business updates in one post as well as my future plans for this blog, and for my life in 2010. Before you get bored by thinking you’ll read yet another new years resolution, STOP, You won’t. I didn’t make one. I seem to have tossed away most of the main stream ideas and traditions last year. Things like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New years resolutions etc.. They are all just age old traditions followed by the masses as an excuse to buy things, or to somehow push yourself to what you would normally postpone when it comes to new years resolutions.

New years resolutions are so silly. Why only make them once a year? And why wait for the 1st of Jan before you do the thing that you’ve been thinking of doing all year anyway. If you want to do something why not start right away, and if it doesn’t work out you don’t have to feel bad or guilty about messing up your “New Years Resolutions.” Most people would say “My new years resolution is to quit smoking” or perhaps drink less, or work harder, or (insert random NYR here). And 99% of the time they never follow through. There are the few who actually stick to what they plan, but those are usually the ones that have been thinking about doing that very same thing for a very long time and just wanted to use ‘End of December’ as an excuse to carry on and do (or not do) it for a little bit longer.. WHY WAIT? Such a waste of time… Or why even bother doing it at all if you’re not going to follow through with it?!?

If I was forced to make a new years resolution I would probably say “I would like to spend less time in front of the computer and live a more active lifestyle.” But we all know that’s not going to happen, unless I win the Lotto in which case I’ll travel the world and blog about all my experiences (from a computer), so in actual fact I never see myself totally avoiding the computer, or using it any less then I do now (unless the Internet dies, in which case i would probably die too [LOL]). So… Scratch that, back to square one, no point in even making this resolution.

While I’m on the topic of Internet addiction, I should probably tell you why my Twitter, Facebook and Blog has been so dead the past couple of months. I’ve been busy in another dimension. A 3D Virtual World where anything is possible, where the only limits are those of your imagination, where you can actually play a computer game, create 3D content and earn real money for doing so, all packed neatly into a Virtual World called ‘Second Life‘.

I have Blogged and Tweeted about Second Life a few times in the past but I think that It’s about time I explain it more in detail. A really good walk-through can be found ” > here < ” on the Second Life website. In that video and slideshow they try to not overwhelm the viewers with too much information about this Virtual World because some of the aspects are just too unbelievable and unnatural to comprehend for most people until you get used to it on a step-by-step basis. But I have decided to tell you about everything, and exactly why I spend so much time on it. This however, I will do in an upcoming post and I will link “this text” to it once I have posted it.

Moving on… This year should be a successful year for my business because I plan to restructure my brand to reflect more accurately what the company is all about, and since it’s mostly me, myself and I working at Vervean Media at the moment things will become a lot more singular and personal from now on. I plan on breaking down the stereotype that business should only be considered professional when you wear insanely priced wrist watches, Armani suits and work from a office park. Just because my office hours are slightly different than yours, or I work from pretty much anywhere I want, wearing what I want, and enjoying my personal life at the same time, doesn’t make me any less professional or any less able. The 90’s are long gone. We’re already 10 years into a new era, everything else has changed, shouldn’t the way that we conduct business also change? I think its about high time! The Internet has Web 2.0, I think that business needs Biz 2.0 (more on this coming shortly, click here to subscribe to my RSS feed so you won’t miss a thing) – [ ‘Biz 2.0’ Phrase – First appeared on DavidONLINE – Copyright ā“’ 2010 ]

I’ve got a lot of new things planned for my blog (www.davidonline.co.za) and my company website (www.verveanmedia.com) so you might notice some strange layouts and confusing content on both sites in the next few days, but that’s only because I’m working hard at changing my entire online identity, so watch this space!!

What my new year will come down to is basically a fine balance between two worlds and two aspects of life. Second Life, the REAL world, Business and Personal. I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to cope with it all but I have great plans in both worlds, and for both aspects of life.

Before I end off this post I just want to add a quick side-note. It is now 06 January 2010 – 01h00 AM in the morning. I’m once again up late and as usual, taking a while to finish my post.

I would like to hear what you, my readers have planned for the new year. Please leave some comments below šŸ™‚

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