Yesterday I tweeted about my decision to quit smoking the Easyway and a few friends on Twitter and Facebook asked me to tell them just exactly how.

  • It’s NOT nicotine replacement therapy (NPR).
  • It’s NOT the cold-turkey willpower method.

It’s actually REALLY EASY and once you study this method you will think to yourself; “What was I thinking, Smoking is just so pointless.” – You will not crave for a cigarette, you will not really experience any withdrawal pangs. It’s simple and easier then you can imagine. It is Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking.

Allan Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking has helped people like Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Degeneres and millions of other people around the world (myself included) to stop smoking instantly, the Easyway.

In the webcasts, online seminars, and books you will learn to remove the brainwashing about smoking caused by the media and you will see it for what it truly is. Many smokers think they know it all, but believe me you have NO IDEA!! If you still feel like lighting up a cigarette after reading the book, viewing a webcast, or attending a seminar then you must be really really stupid. And the best of all, not only will you be free from the terrible cancer causing monster, but you will actually enjoy the process of quitting.

Click here to visit the Allan Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking website.

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