Today has been a bit miserable for me because I couldn’t stop thinking about my car. I really miss it a lot and its frustrating being stuck without it. Before I moan about it some more, here is a photo taken back in 2005, maybe 2006, I’m not exactly sure.

Smart Car, David Venter

I was forced to sell the car back in 2008 because of financial reasons. Unfortunately I don’t have wealthy parents that could give me a car so I had to pay for it myself. Things went really well for a long time but then something happened in my personal life that sent me spiralling down into a black hole of depression. This caused me to lose my job and many of the freelance clients that I had, as well as my apartment and my car. It’s been a bit difficult trying to build and run a business without my own transport and the fact that I was so used to being able to go anywhere, anytime, is making things even more difficult.Β To this day I am still trying to work my way up again and I’m positive that 2010 will be a year filled with great success. My goal for 2010 is to make a success of my business so that I can afford to stand on my own two feet again, live in my own place, and buy my own car. You have NO IDEA how much I miss my independence and how hard I am working to get it back!

Damn this post is turning into a very emo feel sorry for myself essay. Sorry about all the emo talk guys, I just had to vent about it and share with you the reason why I don’t have my car anymore since everyone has been asking about it.

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