I’m actually really glad that the iPad is finally here, it is exactly what I have been looking for; A large iPod Touch with Apple iWork and the iTunes app Store.

I’m very happy with my 20″ Apple iMac that I use for work, but when it comes to mobility I’m not really looking for something that can run the Adobe Creative Suite or other resource intensive application, I’m simply looking for a ‘Tablet Mac’ that is large enough for comfortable web browsing and email processing without having to squint my eyes.

Another reason why the iPad would be perfect for me is because I always attend meetings where I am required to demonstrate some of my web and graphic design work. The iPad will be perfect for a quick demonstration and afterwards I can use it to take notes of the meetings, instantly update my calendar, and email my colleagues straight from the boardroom.

With 10 hours of battery life there’s also no worries about the device dying during critical moments, it will last ALL DAY.

A lot of talk has been circulating around the web about what people think about the new iPad, and there are so many negative views, or people that expected more from it. Many expected a fully functional Mac OS X Snow Leopard running Tablet mac with all the goodies that come with the MacBook such as a camera, etc. but I believe that the iPad does exactly what it is supposed to do! If you want a full computer then get yourself a Macbook, or an iMac (Coming soon with touch display – Rumour), or any of the other Apple’s. But if you want a lightweight, mobile device perfect for web browsing, email, video and iwork, then the iPad is definitely the best choice for you!

I was afraid that I would have to cough up a lot of cash to get a new MacBook so that I just have some mobile device to display full size websites and do my emails and notes, but now with the launch of the iPad I can actually save a lot of money and get exactly what I want. Thank you Steve Jobs and Apple for creating yet another masterpiece!

So, to answer the question – Yes I would buy one!!

What do you think about the Apple iPad? Would you buy one?

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