Last year I decided that its just too much work and way too costly to develop custom built content management systems for clients when instead, I could use one of many open source CMS solutions that due to its open code can by customised to suit the clients needs exactly as a “custom CMS” solution would.

I’ve been using many Open Source CMS solutions in the past, with the main ones begin Joomla and WordPress. Then as time went by I started focussing more on one then the other after realising its brilliant easy-of-use interface and ability to be customised to exact specifications. That one is WordPress.

A while ago I was still unsure of using open source content management systems to run professional corporate websites, but why I was unsure about that I have no idea. I guess I simple didn’t trust in the Open Source community enough, thinking that if it’s free its probably worth the price; nothing… But in actual fact its worth so much more then many of the really expensive content management systems our there because its code is compiled by millions of people from all over the globe, everyone contributes, and the end result is a very stable, professional, state of the art internet application.

After using WordPress for my own personal web blog for a couple of years, I’ve now decided that not only will I use it to run and maintain my company website, but I will build 90% of my clients websites on the wordpress platform. Not only will this make it more affordable for my clients since I only charge design fees, no coding feed and very affordable installation fees, but it will also allow me to administer updates much quicker, and even allow me to give access to my clients and for them to be able to update and maintain the website themselves, from an easy to use interface.

But of course if I’m going to do something like this and scrap all my old systems and coding methods in the process then I would really have to know what I am doing. And fortunately I do. After many years of working with WordPress its now easier then ever for me to create a “custom” solution for your specific needs, and after many hours of trial-and-error in WordPress template/theme creation I have now mastered the process and can create unique WordPress Themes/Templates from scratch.

So basically my business is slowly turning into a WordPress support, management, hosting, and design service, allowing anyone looking to use the WordPress platform with the best hosting, maintenance/service and designs that we have to offer and also moving a whole new Web 2.0 generation straight onto WordPress as their “first website” thereby putting them on what I believe is THE BEST open source content management system.

Under normal circumstances I would charge a client between R10,000 and R20,000 to build a custom content management system from scratch that does pretty much the same as WordPress, excluding the ability to easily add additional modules. But now I can offer a customised WordPress installation with a professional, unique theme layout fully installed, and with content populated, servers set up and everything working together from between R6500 and R8500 depending on hours required for custom modules and layout design.

On top of offering this service to most of my clients (some might prefer a full flash site or forum only, etc that WordPress back-end won’t be used for) I am planning on creating a collection of high quality, unique WordPress Templates that will be for sale on the Vervean Media website in the near future.

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