SImonsvlei MerlotLately I’ve been really fascinated with cheap red wines, and by cheap I mean bottles under R50. I always used to think that when it comes to wine; the more expensive the wine, the higher the quality and taste. But here in South Africa that statement is not true.

I find that most of the cheaper wines actually taste much better then those expensive bottles imported from Italy. Local is Lekker!

This evening is the first time that I try the Simonsvlei Lifestyle 2008 Merlot and I rather enjoy it. I’ll definitely purchase it again and if you are a red wine drinker I would highly recommend it. This bottle only cost a mere R34.80 – Not bad for something that tastes so good.

Tasting Notes:
An unwooded, off-dry red wine. Intense colour, the nose full of ripe fruit with dark chocolate and almond overtones.

Wine of Origin:
Western Cape

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