Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to immigrate to another country. There has been many reasons for this but it basically all comes down to quality of life, and availability of things that I yearn for. Even though South Africa is a lovely country, I’m simply getting sick and tired of the corruption and the poor infrastructure.

As some of you may know, I went through a little bit of a rough patch not too long ago which caused me to get back to basics where I am working my way up from scratch again. This made me realize that now is the perfect time to start the immigration process; before I purchase property or an expensive car again. Now is the perfect time to get everything in order, clear my debt, and plan for international expansion in my business and get the ball rolling with the tedious and frustrating immigration process.

My country of choice: The United States of America. Believe me, a lot of thought and research has gone into this and after sifting through many alternative options including Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada; I have decided that my heart lies with the United States of America, specifically New York.

I used to be a proud South African, but now I can honestly say that I am not anymore. I am disappointed and disgusted with what is going on in this country and no matter how bad the economic state of America seems at the moment, nothing beats the poor and pathetic state of South Africa. Sure the country may be beautiful, but Zimbabwe is also beautiful, that doesn’t mean it’s a good country to live in. The decision has been made. The process has begun and I will take every step necessary in order to fulfill my dream of becoming an American Citizen.

So, What’s going to happen to my South African business and clients?

The beauty of my business is that all the services offered are Digital, and all products delivered ship directly from the factory to the clients. There is no physical handling or physical interaction of any sort which means that no matter where I go, business will continue as usual. Everything will remain the same. I will still even be reachable on my South African business telephone number since this is a Skype-In Line which can be answered from anywhere in the world.

The only difference here is that there would be a 12 to 24 hour delay in project turn-around time although 24 hour support for critical issues will still be available to selective clientele. Depending on how much more business will be generated in South Africa I might also employ a local representative for providing customer service and client support during South African business hours.

As for my other business venture, a direct sales travel company; This business is based in the United States so I will be able to attend most of their conferences and special events without having to fly over for short period of time.

What is going to happen with my South African friends?

There is only a small handful of really close friends that I have here in South Africa (you know who you are). The others are simply random acquaintances. I will definitely miss all my friends and family here in South Africa but at the moment I’ve made a selfish decision for the first time in my life, one that will guarantee a better future for myself and my business. There is however a special someone that I will be taking with me to the United States (more info on this later – watch this space), so I won’t go there completely alone.

What is going to happen with my blog?

As you’ve noticed, I have already started re-branding my personal web blog from “davidonline.co.za” to “davidventer.net” in order to make it more universal and internationally recognized. My blog won’t be disappearing, I will just be sharing more personal posts about my business, my life, my travel experiences and my transition from South African to American. Check back often because it’s going to get interesting.

That sounds good, but what is going to happen right now?

Right now I am still in the early stages of immigration eligibility, financial planning, and business assessment for moving everything over to New York. This is a timely and somewhat tedious process and would take an estimate of 12 to 24 months for everything to be prepared, arranged, and properly executed. I am currently in the process of clearing all my debt and building up a substantial amount to invest into my own business in the United States. In the mean time, life will carry on as usual, albeit with no car and without having my own property. In an attempt to spend as little as possible and to save as much as possible for my future endeavors I am now living with my parents, and will continue to do that until I immigrate to the United States.

I plan to travel to the United States at the end of this year in order to pin point where exactly I would like to run my operations and to secure accommodation, a temporary Visa, Bank account, etc..  Once I there, I might stay on a temporary Visa or I might return until permanent residence has been granted. I will keep you all updated on my endeavors but this is definitely something that is high priority on my goals list and vision board. It is also a personal promise to myself in order to improve my general quality of life.

Watch this space 🙂

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