Now this is exactly why I don’t always firmly believe in astrology and why I compare it to religion where you only get 50/50 accuracy. Today’s horoscope reading seems to have no relevance to my current situation:

If your love life has been on the back burner too long, you may start to avoid the possibility of finding true love. Maybe you have had a few rough breaks in romance, but you’re certainly not alone – and that’s no reason to throw in the towel anyway. It’s time to get back in the game, Moonchild. You may not be feeling particularly interested in a commitment right now, but deep down you’re a home-loving, family-orientated sign who’s much more settled when in a relationship than when you’re on your own. Keep your heart and your options open. You could meet someone who will spark your interest very soon.

First of all, I’m not single and this is why whomever wrote this conveniently put the “If your love has been on the back burner” because it hasn’t so technically the rest does not apply. But what about those who are perfectly happy in love, do we simply not get any advice from the stars today? – Sometimes I wonder why I post these things, but I guess that I’m just trying to prove a point that no matter what your superstition, its all lame, its all the same, and everything only gives you 50/50 relevant results.

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