Being a giver is a good thing, unless you are taken advantage of. That’s the big risk for people like you, Moonchild, who give so freely of themselves, of their finances, and their time. You may be wondering how you got yourself into something where you are now faced with giving more than you feel you have to give. It is wise to assess such situations, because you do need to protect yourself. However, in this case, what you give will be overwhelmingly transcended by what you receive.

This better be true because it feels like I have been giving much more than I should have in both my personal and professional life, especially in business where I charge much less than what I am worth and clients end up taking advantage of the situation by continuously expecting more for less. For what some companies charge hundreds of thousands I have only charged a couple of hundred, its time to put a stop to such madness and give only what is required without giving everything away for free. Today’s horoscope says that what I will receive will overwhelmingly transcend what I give. This is comforting to know because it feels to me that I have been giving so much emotionally, physically and financially that it’s about time I start to receive something in return. Don’t get me wrong, when I give, I do so without expecting return. I give because I love to give! But what happens to an ATM that keeps spitting out cash but never gets filled up again? It runs empty and refuses to give any more. It’s time for my re-fill now please.

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