Please Note: This post has been published late due to Internet connectivity issues in South Africa with Mweb Uncapped ADSL.

My eyes are burning but I refuse to go to sleep, there is simply too much that I need to do. Scratch that. Rephrase. There’s so much that I want to do. I decided to stay up later than usual to work on my virtual fashion line for Second Life and to re-build my store, giving it a more realistic, modern and elegant design. Unfortunately my plans got cut short when my Internet service provider conveniently decided to kill my connection. It’s most probably just a minor technical hiccup or perhaps routine maintenance since it is early Saturday morning here in South Africa, but it really does bother me when my supposed “reliable” Mweb Uncapped ADSL stops working at the most inconvenient of times.

At least now I get some time to write my daily blog post otherwise I would’ve probably skipped this routine until after the weekend. I have actually made a promise to myself that no matter how short, I will post a personal blog entry at least once a day except during weekend where I post one personal entry for the entire weekend. I guess this is the Universe forcing me to stick to my personal promises by taking the Internet away from me so that all I can do is write while I wait for my connection to return.

Let’s take a look at today’s horoscope shall we? Since this day is mostly over I’ll be able to give more accurate feedback on today’s astrology reading:

Cancer Daily Horoscope

It’s your natural way to want to be there for someone who is feeling down or who is playing the role of underdog. Someone you know could be going through a hard time now, and you are inclined to want to help. As a Moonchild, you are sensitive, sympathetic, and a fabulour nurturer, it’s admirable that you want to offer assistance and a shoulder to cry on. Just be careful that you don’t take on this individual’s problem and make it your own. Know when to draw the line.

It is very true that I am the type of person to take others problems, sympathize, and then make them my own in order to try and help the situation. This has affected me negatively in the past and I believe, or at least think that I know where to draw the line. I haven’t really spoken to anyone today, at least not anyone who is feeling down, It’s almost midnight (PST) and Saturday is approaching fast so I can confidently call BULLSHIT on today’s horoscope. Now, where’s that fortune I keep reading about every other day?

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