Yesterdays plans for solitude and clearing my head didn’t really happen. I ended up spending some time with friends in Second Life and going about my day as usual. I really do need to take a time-out soon in order to clear my head before I make any important decisions. Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend. If I don’t answer your calls in the real world or your IM’s in Second Life it’s because I’m trying to relax and clear my head because I need to focus in order to prioritize and plan effectively. Now let’s see what today’s horoscope has in store for me.

Daily Horoscope:

Do you have the intuition that money is about to enter your life, Moonchild? Do you feel a sense of prosperity just around the bend? If you’re experiencing a general feeling of financial security – even if your bank account isn’t all that well padded – you’re on to something. The current celestial climate suggests that you’re about to receive money in some way. This could be through the sale of an intellectual property, a contest win, a real estate transaction, or some lucky venture. Maintain this sense of affluence no matter what the balance of the week holds, and you’ll remain open to windfall.

I always have the feeling of prosperity being just around the bend. I’ve had that feeling ever since I can remember but it seems like the bend is a really long one and I wonder how long its going to take get around the bend. I know its coming, I’ve been working my ass off and I know that great success and abundance is mine for the taking.

In other news: The company for which I work experienced some major issues at their Datacenter today. Cooling systems failed which left many sites, including my blog offline for a while due to an overload on some of the shared hosting servers. All of that has been sorted out so everything, including my blog, should be fully functional again. I’m sorry if any of you guys received any errors while trying to access my website today, the downtime was out of my control.

I was planning on actually taking the rest of the day off but there is simply too much to do. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Plurk to see what I get up to.

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