If you’re familiar with writing then you will know about a thing called writers block. This is always a terrible thing which many writers including myself are faced with on a daily basis. You may have some really brilliant idea or story in your head but the moment that you sit down to actually write, the idea either leaves your head entirely or you struggle to find a way of putting your thoughts to paper.

I believe that writing and meditation go hand-in-hand. You cannot write effectively unless you have a clear head with very little influence from the outside world. This isn’t always easy to achieve, especially when you are writing on a computer. Not only may you be negatively influenced and unable to concentrate with physical distractions such as a blaring television, kids playing outside or a dog barking in the distance but the elements on your computer screen could also be limiting your productivity and blocking your thought pattern or creative flow. You may have closed all other applications, but did you know that simple textual menus, application icons or any other feature for that matter may also be grabbing attention which would be better directed towards writing?

After searching for what felt like an eternity I have finally found something that I believe is the perfect writing tool. It is an application called OmmWriter and it provides you with the perfect writing tool; a clean space with meditative sounds, a place where you get lost (in a good way) without any distraction or interference. If you want to write effectively then this is definitely the application for you. I don’t think that I’ll be able to write anything decent without using OmmWriter since it has become my place of escape. Like many writers out there I can’t exactly run away from the real world or drive off to the middle of nowhere to write an article. I had to find a way to instantly create a clean space of meditation, a place where my thoughts and words would run freely like an endless stream of water. A place that will allow me to block out everything else that is around me and focus on nothing but the words streaming from within me. That place is OmmWriter.

And just for the record, this is not a sponsored post. I just love OmmWriter so much that I felt obligated to share it with you guys.

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