Time really does fly, doesn’t it? I can’t believe that another week is almost over. There are so many things that I would still like to do before the weekend. I’ll probably stay up longer than usual to push towards reaching my personal deadlines before the weekend.

Today has been rather uneventful since I’ve just been sitting here working in front of my computer since the moment I got up so I’m not going to bore you with narratives about my morning coffee, I’ll just jump straight into reading and sharing my daily horoscope:

Cancer Daily Horoscope:

A dream you have had for a very long time is in the process of coming true, Moonchild. You may not even be thinking about this fantasy now; it may be something you put on a shelf a long time ago. But whether it’s a current aspiration or a dream from the past, you should not question your good fortune when it arrives. It has been a long time coming, but you are definitely very deserving of what’s in store. Embrace it, enjoy it, be grateful for it, and don’t ruin the moment with self doubt or by questioning the good things that come your way.

The stars have been telling of good fortune for a while now and I am positive that it will come. Positive that it is here already, and ready to embrace it.

I’ve been putting off two deadlines, a client site update and a narrative for school but I have to finish those tonight in order to have them ready by the weekend because I plan to spend all day tomorrow working on some new graphic t-shirt releases for both my real world spreadshirt store, and my virtual store in Second Life. I’ve also got another MODA Modeling School class in Second Life this evening so I’ll be busy here in front of my computer for the rest of the day, working.

I promise that I’ll do my best to make some time for fun and interesting articles and videos soon, I really don’t want to neglect you guys by boring you with day-to-day work issues but thanks for sticking around and thanks for understanding. Till next time. ~ Much Love.

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