I was about to go to bed but then I realized that I haven’t yet posted my daily personal blog update. Well as you can see I’ve already skipped a week by jumping from Monday, October 18th to Tuesday, October 26th. I’m quite exhausted and my eyes are burning but I can’t skip another day without updating you guys on what I’ve been up to.

The past week has been crazy, looking back at it now, it really doesn’t seem like I’ve done much at all but believe me I’ve been busy. If you’ve been following my Second Life blog then you would know that the new [DV] Store and Photo studio is open and ready for business. I guess that’s what’s been taking up so much of my time this past week apart from the DVD Production project that I was working on.

Anyway. Time to jump back to the present. I’m laying here in bed blogging from my BlackBerry since I’m simply too tired to sit and type by my computer. I’m even going to skip my horoscope for today. It’s bed time. I promise that I’ll make effort to properly update you guys again soon. Good night for now…
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