This weekend has been rather uneventful that is why I have decided to put both Saturday and Sunday’s personal blog into a single post. My weekend started off with MODA modeling school student orientation in Second Life where i will be learning all the tricks of the trade in becoming a professional model in the virtual world. After student orientation I attended the Finally Fucking Friday party at JungleBoys in Second Life. I ran into an old friend, Eddi Haskell and after some chit chat we decided to blog-roll each other. I highly recommend that you check out his blog by clicking here. It will give you better insight into Second Life than what I can offer through my Second Life Blog at the moment, but watch this space as things will get better here over time.

Anyway, getting back to the real world: As you know my sleeping patterns and operational time zone is switching between EST and PST, even though I live in South Africa I do not live by South African time due to the fact that I am working with companies from the United States and I have responsibilities in the Second Life virtual world. In South African time my Saturday was spent sleeping all day waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. Due to my current situation and living arrangements I only get to see him once a week. He used to come over every Friday night but since he started working on Saturdays as well we only get to spend one night together, Saturday Night. Come Sunday evening he returns home again so that he doesn’t have to drive too far to get to work on Monday mornings. I really cannot wait until we get our own place. The plan was to save until we have emigrated to the United States but I think that we will probably work on getting our own place before the move since the current arrangements just aren’t really making us happy. Seeing him only once a week is the main reason for me not blogging much over the weekends and not being in Second Life on a Saturday night. Sometimes I would log in for brief periods but this is usually to show my boyfriend something which I created during the week. He would join me on Second Life if he had a better Internet connection at home but at this point its simply not an option.

We spent all of Saturday night mostly cuddling and talking about random things. On Sunday we got some Pizza from St Elmo’s and some chips from Steers with a DVD from MR Video. We dont have the iTunes store here in South Africa and since I don’t have DSTV, the only interesting thing to watch would be a movie rental. Since we’ve already seen most of the movies from Mr Video we decided to get a chick-flick which we haven’t seen before featuring  Jessica Simpson. My boyfriend thought that it would be lame but we both ended up thoroughly enjoying ourselves and as cuddled while eating pizza and watching “Major Movie Star” After watching the movie it was time for my boyfriend to go home. The moment he left I went into a mini emo-depro phase followed by a nap and now here I am writing this blog post.

I haven’t even looked at my daily horoscopes this weekend but since the weekend has passed I will go back, read, and share them with you now. I will also add my thoughts on how accurate these readings were since they weekend has already past. (Well technically its only 16:44 for me now since I’m on PST this week).

Cancer Daily Horoscope (Saturday):

You may be worried about something that hasn’t taken place and probably never will. If you keep fantasizing, in a negative way, about something occurring that you fear, you are experiencing the event over and over again even if it never happens. What is the point in that, Moonchild? The best thing to do now is to start fantasizing about wonderful things happening. Whenever a fearful thought occurs to you, and you start pondering the ramifications of that fear, dive into the uplifting fantasy instead. You are due for a reversal of fortune; help it along.

My innermost thoughts have been filled with negative fantasy lately. I am usually a very positive person but I’ve just been feeling dragged down since nothing seems to be working out as planned or expected. Saturday’s horoscope reading just proves that good fortune is on the way and that I should just remain positive, focussing on the good that will come instead of the fears which will probably never even happen. Reversal of fortune would be greatly appreciated right now. Let’s have a look at Today’s horoscope:

Cancer Daily Horoscope (Sunday):

Leave well enough alone when it comes to a conflict with a friend or a family member. Even though you’re not one to move forward without smoothing out ruffled feathers, in this case its best to keep your distance for a while. You can make it known that you’re open to reconciliation, but don’t do so in a pushy way and don’t make it complicated. This situation will right itself in time. In general, misunderstandings are the norm right now, but this phase should lose its grim by midnight tonight. In the meantime, work on visualization and calming exercises to center yourself. Tomorrow will be a fortune day.

The first part about conflict with a friend being open to reconciliation is complete greek to me. I haven’t really experienced any conflict today (at least not yet) and I’m not open to reconciliation with anyone (at least not that I know of, unless conflict is still to come). As for the rest about visualization and calming exercises, well, blogging and relaxing in my virtual home in Second Life is the most calming and interactive visualization that I know of, and I happen to be doing both of those things right now so I must be on the right path. I do hope that tomorrow will be a fortune day both financially and emotionally. Watch this space for updates.

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