Well hello there friends. It’s been a while since you’ve heard or “read” from me. To be perfectly honest I’ve been suffering from a severe case of writers block. Whenever I sat down in front of my computer to write my daily personal post I couldn’t think of anything to write about. Actually, I thought of too many things. My mind could not focus on one subject as I was constantly thinking about what I need to do next. Then I realized that I haven’t actually closed my door, dimmed the lights and started up OmmWriter. The minute I decided to do that was the minute that my thoughts started to flow with ease and I felt the urge to put them to “paper.” And here I am.

A lot has happened since I last posted a personal blog entry but I’m going to TRY to keep this very short not to bore you with too many details, unless of course you want to know all the details. You should know by now that I am an open book. I am not afraid to post and make publicly available the most intricate details of my life. You may wonder why I am so open about everything and I cannot provide you with what would seem to be a valid answer. This doesn’t mean that my answer is invalid, but saying something like “why not?” might not be up everyone’s alley. Why do I post personal issues for all the world to see? Why not? It’s a great escape and I get to share my life with billions of people from all over the globe. Think of it as reality TV, or “reality blogging.” – With that said. I’m going to skip past detailing what has happened over the last few days and jump right up to the current situation.

I am very excited with the latest events in my Second Life. My virtual modeling skills are coming along nicely thanks to MODA Modeling School. I’m really looking forward to Graduation so that I can take my virtual modeling career to the next level. I have also been in talks with one of Second Life‘s most revolutionary and visionary residents about a project that will allow me to follow my passion and provide a professional service to others in the field. I would provide more details about this but unlike my personal life, some business matters are under wraps. If I get a green light to make the news public this will definitely be the first place I’ll share the news. Watch this space! – In short, I am working on a website for a well known beauty/fashion related entity in Second Life. That’s all I’m going to say about it for now.

My freelance writing career has officially started. Although I am still studying composition, I really enjoy writing and hope that something good will come of this. My first freelance article for a virtual magazine in Second Life was published a few days ago during which I interviewed Ivy Maverick regarding the Make Him Over group drama in Second Life. If you’re a male Second Life resident who follow the virtual fashion scene you will know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who don’t know. I will publish the article here to my website as soon as the next issue of the virtual magazine is published, I don’t want to take “the juice” away from the magazine. Although I enjoy wiring for the magazine, it is rather new and the November Issue has a couple of errors in it. My article for example got published along with some of the Editor notes, which in my opinion is simply not acceptable. There is not much that I can do about it anyway since I don’t exactly own, edit or publish the magazine. Next time I will submit my article in plain text format without all the editor mark-up tags from MS Word / iWork Pages. I just hope that this article won’t create the wrong impression.

Back in the real world business has been really slow for the past few months. Earlier today I have even tweeted that things aren’t going very well and that I might soon have to close my business entirely and declare myself bankrupt. Yes, that’s how bad it is. Now you may think “have you no dignity?” for declaring myself poor to the general public and you are right. I think that I have lost all dignity the day that I sold my Smart Car. I am not quite sure how the situation turned this sour. It feels as if only yesterday I was living it up in a luxury apartment, earning a high salary, enjoying a great social life and driving around in what was my dream car since the age of 16. What happened? I know that I only have myself to blame, but I just don’t understand how things turned out to be this bad.

On the up-side I have refused to give up and continued to believe that my business will succeed. There are still a few clients to which I provide hosting, maintenance and SEO services and some others that might soon sign up for web development services so I won’t give up, not ever. I’m just taking a step in another direction which is more lucrative at the moment. As I have posted in a previous blog entry about my personal issues: There is no point in flogging a dead horse. It’s time to reassess my priorities. And I have done exactly that. This re-prioritization has caused me to finally focus on what I really love doing: Writing, 3D content creation for virtual worlds and website development for companies that I actually want to be a part of. In all honesty, apart from my financial situation things are looking really good in terms of what makes me happy. I just wish that I could once again generate at least 15k a month and afford to see my boyfriend every day. It was so easy to do it “back then” – how come it feels so difficult to achieve right now?

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I woke up to find my ADSL account suspended due to non payment. Obviously the payment bounced since there weren’t enough funds available in the account. My entire life is online. Without the Internet I can’t do my job, I can’t find more work, I can’t create content for Second Life and I can’t even complete my formal education through the Ashworth College online course. I am currently living with my parents but they aren’t exactly in a position to afford anything either so expecting them to pay for my computer or my Internet connection is simply out of the question. Knowing my current predicament my father offered to help out for this month by paying for my Internet connection out of his account. Come next month I better have some more clients otherwise I might lose my Internet Connection. Yes, that’s how bad things are at this very point in time. I’m running so low on budget that I cannot afford to pay the bare essentials. Something has to happen, and it has to happen fast!

I’ve been telling myself that something will happen, knowing within myself that its only a matter of time before things will return to normal. Perhaps by these very thoughts I have managed to generate some interest from a few clients. – Two of my existing clients contacted me today. One of them wanted to expand their current website and another is interested in purchasing an Apple Macbook (Yes I’m still an authorized Apple dealer in South Africa!). I have also followed up with a new potential client from the United States. – Here’s hoping, and trusting that good will come of this! These three deals could cover my expenses for this month and hopefully open some more doors to offers that will sustain me hereafter. Through all my bitching and moaning there is something good to look forward to.

On the other hand, my assistant (whom I also cannot pay at this point) has been working very hard in the sales department, doing a lot of cold calling to find new clients. There are over 70 interested parties in our list of which three have practically promised to sign-up. We have yet to experience a single sale from all these contacts. Why do new clients seem hesitant to sign up for service? It used to be so easy to generate business, now it is a desperate mission. What happened? I just don’t understand.

I would like to ask YOU a favor. Please send any positive energy that you can afford in my general direction since I really need these deals to come through. The bills aren’t going to pay themselves. There are three new website development deals in the pipeline, one major upgrade and a possible Apple sale. With all of these I will be able to cover all my expenses for at least three or four months at which point my Second Life ventures would hopefully start to generate some income again.

Someone suggested that I find a rich sugar-daddy to cover my financial needs but I’ve worked too hard to become independent. I’m not a gold-digger and I’m in love with my boyfriend. Finding a sugar-daddy is NOT an option, so please stop suggesting this!

I’m starting to annoy myself with all this bitching and complaining so I can’t imagine how you must feel if you are still here reading this. I’ll stop complaining and move on with what else I planned to share here today.

In addition to the lack of personal blog posts over the last few days I have also been avoiding my horoscope app, afraid that it may give bad news or empty promises, but I feel a lot better after those clients showed some interest in business so let’s take a look at what the stars have to say:

Cancer – Daily Horoscope:

You may feel as though your power is waning, Moonchild. Usually, as a child of the moon, you can probably feel a heightened sense of intensity when the moon shines down on you. Now, though, it may seem like nothing can bring about the same wonderful power that you have when you bask in its light. You are in a valley now, and this is a period of transformation. Your power is still available, but you may have a mental block about accessing it. If you welcome this time of growth, you will be as powerful as ever.

Once again very uplifting and full of promise. I will definitely “welcome this time of growth.” Here’s hoping that the stars hold some truth.

Thanks for sitting through this entire article. If you have made it this far, please leave a comment below, I’d like to get to know some of my readers, especially those who actually pay attention. šŸ™‚

Untill Next time. ~ Much Love.

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