What the fuck? I’m banned from chatroulette for apparently doing something which I am not supposed to. No I didn’t show my mangina or my wurst to little girls, in fact the last time that I was on chatroulette was before the new version was released. I really wanted to check out the new version but apparently I am not welcome…

… and guess where it redirected me to? Adult chatroulette… I don’t know about you but I don’t really fancy watching random whales (yes whales, fat bitches and rednecks with tiny pee-pees) whack themselves off on camera. I wonder why my IP is banned though. Perhaps someone else with MWEB uncapped ADSL was naughty on camera and now I’m being punished because miss Africa couldn’t keep her tits to herself or some dutchman wanted to share his boerewurst sausage. I can see how that would scar some people for life, I too would click on the “report” or “complain” button.

So, thank you random penis, tits or vagina for getting my IP banned, here’s to 100 years of yeast infections for you. Cheers! <3

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