It’s been a while since I’ve been under the influence, in fact I can’t even remember what it feels like to be completely trashed. Then again a drunken queen isn’t always the most sophisticated of beings so I’ve been avoiding the alchies. But right now I want to drink, so booze me!

As it turns out, there is still one peach flavor Caribbean Twist spirit cooler left over from the new years drinks. I shall mince to the fridge, quench my thirst and then continue writing this article…

Aawwwhhh fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. The fruity rum flavor just makes me crave a decent cocktail. Such a pity that there’s no where to go for a good cocktail now, at least not here where I am at the moment. I didn’t even get drunk on new years’ so I guess that I’ll make up for it whenever I am near a decent cocktail bar again. Long Island Ice Tea FTW!

On a more serious topic, booze is not the only thing that I’ve been craving lately. There are some material objects out there that will make me really happy and I know that this will definitely be the year to get them. For your convenience I have decided to make a little list, just in case a rich sugar daddy wants to see my asshole in return for a gift scratch you feel like being generous this year.


  • House with my boyfriend (it’s about time that we move in together)
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard (because I spilt coke on mine)
  • Apple Magic Pad (it’s the awesomeness)
  • Apple MacBook Pro (so that I can do serious work away from my iMac)
  • Apple iPad (so that I can do basic work away from my iMac)
  • Apple iPhone (because my blackberry is slow and unsupported)

There is a lot more that I want, but the above is most important at the moment. Everything else is being worked into my vision board and goal planning, big things such as emigration, purchasing a new car, marrying the boyfriend etc… But I’m not going to share too much about that right now. You’ll have to stay tuned for an in depth look at my vision board which I will probably eventually get around to posting on here for everyone to see. – Yes, this queer has dreams and plans them well!

Now if you will excuse me I would like to go and fondle my boyfriend before he has to leave again. There will be a few sexless weeks ahead so I better make up for it now! Anyway, I love you guys. Till next time… xxx

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