Now that I’m back in full force again, I have also resumed my morning workout routine. This skinny little faggot is slowly butching up to become a sexy hunk. I can already see some small muscle man boobies developing. The hotness in the making. Yeah! If I keep up this morning workout routine for a couple of months I’ll reach my goal body type: Athletic, six pack abs, defined muscles and a tight ass. Once I have achieved that goal, the vain photo sessions will begin again. Watch this space grins

With the family being back from holiday the animals will return to their rightful owners soon (probably this evening). You’ve already seen the parrots, but I’ve really wanted to show you a picture of the puppies too, so I snapped one this morning. Meet (from left to right) Minky, Twinkles and Mekayla:

As cute as they are, I’m really glad that they’ll be going home soon because they’re really annoying during the day. The continuos barking is enough to drive anyone crazy especially when trying to work or study. I’ll miss them but enough is enough. At least Rusty is a sweetie pie and knows when to (and when not to) bark. These little puppy girls have got a lot to learn, hopefully their rightful owners will teach them well. Once they get a little bit order we might put Rusty with Minky to have at least one puppy litter before we “fix them up.” Then again, with the boyfriend and I planning on moving away soon we might take Rusty with us and then there definitely won’t be any puppy-making.

In other news, I haven’t looked at my horoscope since Monday, January 3rd. This is of course inexcusable since I get them pushed to my Blackberry on a daily basis. I should be punished. Spank me? Please? *grin* – Anyway, let’s have a look shall we…

Cancer Daily Horoscope

If you’re having a hard time making a decision about a relationship issue, think back to a similar situation that occurred over the last few years. You need to consider what has worked for you in the past – and what didn’t work – if you are to avoid repeating a mistake. You have the potential to rise above a problem now and move beyond is to improve an important relationship. You may also be contemplating ways to increase your finances. That’s very possible now with a bit of ingenuity, and the ability to leap on an upcoming opportunity – so keep your eyes open!

I’m not really having a hard time making a decision about any relationship issue at the moment, unless one will arise soon. As usual, I’m definitely contemplating ways to increase my finances (aren’t we all doing that all the time anyway?), so this is a bit of positive news from the random person who writes this junk the stars. Thank you universe! Bring on that opportunity because I AM READY FOR IT!

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