Another week has passed and I am one stop closer to one of my long-term goals. My boyfriend and I are also excited about the fact that we’ll soon be able to see each other regularly instead of just once a week. I would share more detailed information on this but quite frankly I don’t want to jinx it because in the past I’ve been known to get way too excited about things which turned out to be nothing but false hope or wishful thinking. This time I’ll actually only share the news once it happens.

I haven’t read my daily horoscope since Wednesday and in all honesty I don’t even know if I should even be reading it at all…

But as I’ve said before, I like to humor myself and these daily readings sometimes do hold some truth and inspiration, so, let’s take a look…

Cancer – Sunday, Jan 23 2011

You may be afraid to hope for the best in an upcoming decision. That’s because that decision is out of your control. You have little say in it. Or so you think. But from the very beginning, maybe even before, you have been focussed on the outcome. You have felt positive vibrations, as though everything will be okay. You have imagined or fantasized about things working out well. And you have talked about it as though it was going to work out in your favor. You have exercised your control, Moonchild. And the outcome will be exactly as you hoped it would be.

Nice to hear a little bit of indirect positive re-enforcement after a rather condescending and somewhat offensive conversation that I had with a new friend earlier today regarding my plans and the direction which my life is taking after “the incident”. And no, I wasn’t being the condescending and somewhat offensive participant of said conversation. Anyway, I took it up as constructive criticism at first and I don’t hate the person for what has been said but after thinking about it for a while it just made me feel like I am once again not being taken seriously or it could just be proof that some people (not the person whom I was conversing with) are still too fucking dumb to think logically and approach things with an open mind, but anyway…. Conversation person, if you are reading this, please don’t take offense, I still love you and look forward to more conversations <3 lol.

Moving on: I was really surprised at the mass feedback that I have received from you guys after I asked on Twitter and Facebook for everyone to vote on my readers poll. Within a couple of minutes the vote count went up from 42 to 64 at which it now seems to be sticking. My aim here is to reach at least 200 votes – If you haven’t already voted then please do so on the Reader Poll in the right sidebar – Thanks a lot to everyone who voted for your favorite topic, your opinion matters.

Now if only I can also find a way to get you guys to actually converse with me here in the comments thread below instead of emailing or phoning me directly I would be a real happy bunny. I would love to get some good discussions going on here so next time that I ask for feedback on any of my posts please share your thoughts. The whole reason that I am running this website is to share my life with the world and to interact with those who follow my story. It’s not just a reality show, I’m a blogger that will actually respond to your feedback. Now send me some love. Thank You 🙂

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