Today is the last day that I get to spend with my boyfriend. Well hardly the last, there will be many more, but it’s the last for this holiday. I will only get to see him again on a weekly basis, once a week, for a day or two over the weekends. But soon we’ll have our own place and I wont be bored, lonely or frustrated any longer. I can’t wait!

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at what the stars have got to say about my life, even though I don’t always agree or believe that it’s true. But I like to humor myself and give into the positive energy. All cancerians with me? Let’s have a look

Cancer Daily Horoscope

If someone shows up at your door today bearing a bevy of balloons and a large check for millions of dollars, just be sure to smile for the camera. Of course you’d smile, wouldn’t you? You’d be overjoyed to become an overnight millionaire, and that smile would come naturally. Someone may now be over-coaching you to do the right thing in a certain situation. You may resent being treated like a child over something so obvious, but grin and bear it anyway. The person doing the coaxing has good intentions. In fact, you’ll be surrounded by those who truly care for you today, so keep that in mind.

Well that’s just silly. For fuck sake! I mean seriously… “If” .. Well duh… “If” that happens to anyone they would be overjoyed. Now where the fuck is my check? KTHNX.

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