Oh goodie, my first hate-mail amongst the hundreds of emails, friend requests and encouraging texts that I have received since the launch of DavidVenter.Net –  Some random skank from another third world country texted me today saying “why do you hav ur own site who r u ur not special get ovr urself” Jealous much BITCH? I need to make something very clear:

Attention whoring is not for everybody, and those random sluts who fail to draw attention (because they either have no personality or are simply to unpleasant to look at) clearly have got nothing better to do with their time than to waste their text credits on Internationally texting their hate to those of us who do get all the attention. Well thank you, your message has been received and I love you too.

On the contrary I’m not really much of an attention whore, but there was that one time when….

Oh who am I kidding, I FUCKING LOVE ATTENTION, and so do you – EVERYONE DOES, unless you’re one of those emo-queens who would rather prefer to crawl into a dark empty cave. –  I like doing silly things that make people laugh. I like to enjoy life and make the most of it. I like sharing my life with the world because I want everyone to be a part of it! If you can’t handle that then cry me a fucking river bitch, because I’m not going anywhere. And.. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! <3 (except for the jealous whores). Kisses xxx

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