Believe it or not but I’m actually a shy little guy and since ‘the incident’ I’ve been petrified of speaking to strangers. For about two years now I’ve been very anti-social and it’s about time that I do something drastic to change that. I’ve decided to do something which some friends have urged me to reconsider while others think it’s a good idea and could be rather interesting (or annoying). I’m going to make my personal International cell number available for anyone and everyone to phone and text. I can receive calls or texts from anyone around the globe provided that you have the ability to phone and text Internationally. I also have a roaming service on this number so I’ll most probably take it with me wherever I go…

+1 (347) 690-5672

There you go. I’m officially ready to communicate with the outside world again through a medium other than this blog. Go on text me…

Send me random jokes, flirts, questions, suggestions, write my number on a  public bathroom wall with the message “wet mangina needs dick”, tell me about your lady problems… I really don’t care what you do, I just want to hear from YOU! – Let’s talk soon!

If you do happen to text me, be sure to include your name and email address and I might just add you to my address book to actually respond when I feel like having phone sex when I am in a friendly mood.

I’m fucking nuts aren’t I? 😛

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