If you’ve been following my Personal Blog then you would be well aware of my plans to move in with the boyfriend here in South Africa before going to the United States. I’m sad to say that won’t be happening anymore, at least not any time soon and perhaps not until both of us make it to New York. Current circumstances and unreliable people have crushed our dream of living together, at least only for now.

At first I was really upset, depressed and disappointed but I’ve been through so much heart-ache and disappointment in this “sector” over the past 6 years that I actually can’t be bothered to let it get to me anymore. I did however have a nice chat with a friend from Belgium which cheered me up quite a bit. I guess that I just had to vent and let the anger and frustration out of my system but it appears as if though I am already over it. And just for the record, we did not break up. I don’t know why everyone keeps asking that. Maybe it is because every time we had a slight inconvenience in the past we broke up just to get back together again after a short cool down period. I’m not 100% sure about what is going to happen with us from this point forward but I’ll keep you guys posted since I just LOVE over-sharing my personal issues SO MUCH :-P~

In other news: I’ve been in a really good mood since I got up so at least this is going to be a FABULOUS day! I’ll continue chasing my dreams which are far from dead…



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