Gonna keep this one short and sweet – First up: My daily horoscope…

Cancer – February 1 2011

If you are facing one misunderstanding or minor problem after another, you can blame your frustration on the current cosmic climate. Although nothing major is hovering on the radar, a collection of bothersome irritations are probably driving you crazy right now. Take comfort in knowing that your troubles are only temporary, and within the next twenty-four hours or so things should calm down considerably. The really good news is that once you’ve made it through this quirky period, you are due for some genuine good fortune in the form of monetary or security-related assistance from the universe.

Irritations? Really? NO! I’m perfectly fucking calm and not annoyed by the stupidity and frustration going on around me, for FUCK SAKE. breathes See ^ this is the exact reason why even though the whole astrology thing is nothing but mass cultural illusion I still believe it holds some truth because its generally quite accurate. I don’t live my whole life around it but it sure helps in explaining certain moods like today, for example. I get up and I am frustrated and annoyed by certain current circumstances and situations. Then I read my horoscope and I find that it perfectly coincides with what I am feeling right now. Strange? Whatever… I’ll just go with it for now LOL. – Looking forward to that monetary or security-related assistance from the universe! BRING IT!

If you’ve noticed the little Stickam player in the right side-bar you’ll know that I’ve started life-casting again (broadcasting my life). I’m not at the point where I broadcast everything everywhere and I am unable to do that since there is no mobile broadcasting application for Blackberry Curve. I can only get a broadcasting app for Apple or Android, so for now you’ll only see me when I am sitting in front of my computer, and since my computer is in my room you’ll probably see me sleep too. I will however not broadcast any x-rated stuff. You will not see me get undressed/dressed, have sex or play with myself. Just clearing that up now before another person asks me to show my junk on cam lol. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Since I have no life – I spend most of my time in front of my computer, so feel free to hang out with me virtually when you see that my webcam is live. 🙂

As of yet it is undecided whether or not this will become a permanent thing. I may continue and take it further by getting a mobile broadcasting device to literally document everything, or I may get bored of it and stop doing it after a few days/weeks/months.. I don’t know – Watch this space.

Till next time… ~ Much Love *** xxx

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