There is something very important that I need to clear up: The Cape Town Based David Venter from and is NOT me – Some of you guys have been  Googling me and emailing or texting me saying things like “I found your other website, the .com one.” – Coincidentally the David Venter from the .com website and @davidventer twitter account happens to be from the same country, offering the same services which have started to cause a lot of confusion with potential clients and new followers.

When I first decided to use my real name as my personal brand and web address I knew that I wasn’t the only David Venter alive or online and I knew that it would take some time and a lot of work effort to get my personal brand to become the most prominent and recognized David Venter on the Internet. I had considered using a pen or screen name instead – to start with a new name that does not exist online today and to register the name as an official business and trademark. Sometimes I think back and regret not doing it, but now that I already have such a strong personal brand with my real name it would be unwise to drop and to try and re-brand the already strong identity. For now I’ll just leave it as-is.

I have however tried to gain ownership of the domain as well as the @davidventer twitter account but thus far all communications that I have sent to David Venter of Cape Town have remained unanswered. Is he avoiding my email because he is also trying to build a strong brand under the same name or is he avoiding my emails because he isn’t really David Venter but instead someone just trying really hard to piss me off? A domain name only costs a few dollars and a twitter account is free so it really wouldn’t be that much effort for anyone to try and divert attention away from my personal brand by creating a plausible copy.

It only serves me right – I should have taken the domain name and @davidventer twitter username when they were still available. At that time however I was going by the online brand of DavidONLINE, AffluentDivinity and Adwhorable. I only decided last year to start using my own real name for my personal brand.  It’s too late to cry about it now. I guess some good questions here would be: Why now? Why me real name? Let me explain…

I no longer felt the need to hide my true identity from anyone and I would like to build a strong personal brand that can be used for whatever my heart desires and wherever life takes me in the future. As much as I despise my roots I would also like to honor my family by using my real name for my future successes. My great grand father was named David and my direct family, lans name Venter, have started showing some good support over the last few years so I wanted to start using my real name ‘David Venter’ as my personal brand, carrying it with pride and taking it forward to great success.

I’m not sure if the David Venter from Cape Town will ever read this article but I hope that he would consider letting go of the domain and @davidventer twitter account – or at least answer my emails. It doesn’t seem like he is using either of them much anyway. I could put both to much better use and then neither of us would have to worry about the unwanted “I found your other website” or followers and business partners mistaking our identities. and is NOT me – Maybe one day I will gain ownership, until such time please pay attention only to my official web address and my real twitter account @davidventernet

If you would like to help me gain ownership of the domain and @davidventer twitter account please send an email to [email protected] asking David Venter of Cape Town to please transfer ownership. Thank you!

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