There are times when I regret purchasing an iMac instead of a MacBook Pro because lately I’ve been moving around and working in different places instead of just sitting in my room all day, every day. For this purpose I’ve started using a family member’s Acer Aspire laptop but I always get annoyed with the Windows Operating system and the fact that the battery only holds a 30 minute charge. I really do want to get my hands on a new MacBook as soon as possible.

When I got up this morning, planning my daily schedule over a cup of coffee I realized that I had quite a lot to do today which required the use of my iMac. I had two choices: postpone the work by yet another day or sit in my room again but I am so sick of being stuck between those four walls, this entire house makes me feel unproductive, in fact. I would usually take the Acer and sit outside since the fresh air and change of scenery (not staring at my bedroom wall) makes me feel a little more productive. Because of the work that I have to do today I could not use the Acer. I had to make a plan to find a happy, productive work environment for using my iMac.

This is probably not something that I should be doing too often, but I decided to take my iMac outside today:

The brightness is a little bit annoying but the fresh air and change of scenery sparked huge productivity. – I really need to get a life, don’t I? LOL

I really love the garden except for that silly white fence around the pool that’s supposed to stop the young ones from accessing the pool. There are better ways to ensure kids’ safety in and around the pool, like the baby swimwear available from this website for example. Obviously one should never leave kids unattended in or around the pool. But, that ugly white fence (seen in upper left corner of the pic above) needs to go.

It’s nearly lunch time here in South Africa and I haven’t even had breakfast yet because I’ve been sitting here working non-stop since I got up. In fact, I still need to do my morning exercise routine and take a bath. Yes, I am sitting here in my pajamas. It’s really great working from home but I actually yearn to be well dressed working from a New York office overlooking Times Square or Central Park but I’ll get there, some day, I know I will!

In other news: If you’ve been following my posts on a regular basis you’re probably wondering what happened to my Stickam live broadcasting plans. Well… To be perfectly honest I have actually grown bored of the idea since I only had a maximum of about 180 viewers in total and didn’t really do anything interesting or entertaining on the live stream. It would be much more exciting if I had a mobile broadcasting device and could take you around with me, showcasing my daily life in a sort of 24/7 reality TV or Big Brother kinda way. Maybe it will happen some day maybe it won’t but for now I have dropped the “broadcasting my life 24/7” idea.

I would like to share some more personal news together with my usual daily horoscope review but I don’t want to cram too much into one post. I’ll do some exercise, have a bath, feed myself and then when I return I’ll blog some more and continue with whatever else I have to do.

I hope that you’re all having a really AWESOME day! Till later… ~ Much Love. xxx

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