Well, it’s not actually something new. It was my life, my dream, very long ago when I was but only a little boy singing his lungs out in church. Yes, that hobby is singing. In fact, I used to dance as well but back in the day I was too young to partake in any professional performance for the academy. As for the singing, I stopped because I became annoyed with the fact that the only place I could perform was in church. Thus I dropped singing, dancing and playing the guitar and piano (yes I used to do that too – stopped taking lessons because my teacher would only let me practice and perform gospel music). Yours truly was quite the little music maker back in the day before I realized that religion is bullshit and I didn’t feel like wasting my talent. Instead, I pursued a life of digital creativity, opting to work in the media industry.

Since becoming a loyal Gleek, I’ve felt the urge to tap into my lost talents once again, if they still exist of course. First on the agenda: Voice training. It seems as though puberty and smoking, which I quit last year, have taken their toll on my talent and if I am to actually sing without hurting ears I’ll have to go through a strict voice training routine. From this moment on I will be attending voice training on a weekly basis until I feel comfortable with my voice again. I may even take up piano lessons again. I’ve always wanted to write, play and sing my own music – I’ve written a few songs already, in fact.

It’s clear that I am easily manipulated by the media. If not for Glee, I probably wouldn’t even have thought about singing again. But what can I say. I’m a media whore. It’s my life, and I thank the universe for it! Here’s hoping my talents will resurface and that puberty and smoking didn’t entirely destroy my voice. Watch this space, maybe I’ll even become one of those YouTube artists, maybe not.

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