Good morning beautiful city of corruption and crime gold. I’m feeling surprisingly chirpy this morning and I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting to see the African sunrise, eat a healthy breakfast in the morning instead of in the evening and give my pale skin some much-needed vitamin D.

It really does feel good to actually get a good night’s rest during night-time. I will however, probably return to my Pacific Time schedule again next week since I’ve got a few important “to-do’s” in my Second Life schedule.

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a new colleague and friend. By giving him time management and organizational advice I felt an urge to re-evaluate my situation. Not that I haven’t been taking my own advice, I’ve just been slacking a bit and needed a good kick up the ass to get myself 100% focussed again. And what better kick up the ass can one get than by giving someone else advice about a certain subject, evaluating yourself in the process and realizing that you haven’t been 100% focussed in practicing what you preach. So thank you dear friend for not only coming to me for advice but for making me realize that I need to stop slacking and start taking my own advice .

I’ve been quite organized lately but not nearly as organized or time-efficient as I could be when following my own advice. But, isn’t that usually the case? We rarely practice what we preach and when we do preach our statements generally sound easier said than done. Life and emotion get’s in the way and we start to lose focus, thus procrastinating and not following our own guidance. Looking back over the past few months it feels like I’ve only been taking a really small percentage of my own advice, which really isn’t good. The time has come for me to start putting in 100% of my efforts.

My vision board is getting a much-needed refresh, I’m digging up all my time management course notes and re-evaluating my entire monthly, weekly and daily schedule so that I can stop sitting here feeling sorry for myself about financial and emotional drama and instead start putting all my energy into moving closer towards my goals. After all, a life without progression towards clearly defined goals is nothing but continuous stagnation.

I hope that you all have a fabulous Thursday and thank you very much for reading my blog! Much love to you. And as always, stay tuned for more.

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