For reasons unknown I always get the urge to write something when ever I’m over-tired or about to go to sleep. This could however be a blessing in disguise since there would probably be a lot less articles on my website if it weren’t for my late night ramblings.

I’m going to have to put a lot more effort into writing if I’m going to keep this website as my main source of income. I really hope that I can get over this horrible case of writer’s block so that I can return to being my usual entertaining, over-sharing self. I actually blame my anti-depressant medications because as much as they help with my depression they seem to slow me down in all other aspects.

Now that I’ve written these few sentences I’ve suddenly lost the urge to write. No, I haven’t lost the urge to write! I’ve just spaced out into another dimension filled with fluffy clouds and rainbows where I am unable to catch all of the thoughts in order to put them together in writing. My thoughts are all over the place, flying around like butterflies in an open field, beautiful and unique but a struggle to catch them.

I better get some sleep because tomorrow will be another busy day for me at SL8B and I still want to visit some of the exhibitions that I haven’t seen yet. I’ll be sure to blog some awesome pictures after the event so that you can look upon them in awe, regretful that you haven’t been there in person. evil-grin Till next time. Good night. xxx

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