As many of you already know, yesterday (July 1st) was my 24th birthday. I didn’t make any plans to celebrate the occasion so the day turned out to be quite dull. My mother took me out to get my hair done and bought me some birthday cake. When we reached the counter, the cashier asked if we’re celebrating a birthday. My mother said that it was my birthday and asked the cashier to guess my age. She thought I was 18. That really made my day because I’ve felt so old and stale lately.

I have this theory that we look as old as we act and feel. If you live a more youthful life you will look younger for longer and what goes on inside your head plays a large role on how your body functions and ages. I’m glad that I still look like a teenager. On the contrary this very fact have caused me to lose out on many business opportunities because large firms gave me one look thinking “who is this little boy trying to do business with us.” Instead of giving me a chance to offer a service better than most of the older-looking guys could.

After getting home I spent some time with my virtual family in Second Life and then watched some reality TV while drinking a bottle of wine, eventually falling asleep. I was rather upset that my birthday was so uneventful and that my boyfriend didn’t even show up to spend the day with me. He promised to make it up to me though, so I hope that he will live up to that promise soon!

Thanks a lot to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, you guys are awesome!

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