Today I realized something valuable: I would rather be alone than to have hundreds of friends who do not share the same views. Now you might think that this is common sense but the reality is not as simple, too many people are afraid of being alone. My whole life I’ve felt like an outcast, perhaps because of the fact that I am a gay atheist growing up in a very conservative Christian household or because I rarely (if ever) share the same views with those I choose to be associated with.

It is common knowledge that none of us share the same views on every single subject and I don’t think that it is very likely for anyone to have friends who do. Instead we all try to deal with the varying views by ignoring them and focussing a few things that we may have in common to avoid being alone. Now I’m going to be a bit in your face and say that the only reason people ever feel alone is because they cannot deal with themselves or don’t feel happy with themselves. If you are truly content you won’t mind sitting alone in your room on a Friday night. I’m not saying that we were meant to be solitary creatures, all I am saying is that people make too big a fuss about being alone.

Thus far there has only been one person on this planet (from those I’ve met at least) who share the same views on nearly every subject (or at least everything that can be discussed and shared over a 6 year period, and counting) and I happen to be partnered to that person. All other friendships have been a compromise of some sort. I can happily deal with someone of conflicting view in a professional setting, for example: I will design a website for a religious client or sell virtual land to a SL Viewer 1 enthusiast. But, when it comes to personal connections I have decided to cut the crap so to speak.

I would rather be alone then to hang out with so-called “friends” with whom I really don’t have much in common at all. I’m sorry but sharing one interest is not enough to keep me around. I deal with enough direct family and business disagreement that I don’t need it to fill my personal life as well. I’m perfectly content just being here, on my own, just doing my thing. Thank you very much. Not only is this giving me more time to focus on things that truly interest me, I’ll also be a lot less frustrated not having to put up with any unwanted issues or disagreements.

That is all.

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