I’ve had the strangest dream last night. In my dream I designed really warm clothing, a red fleece shirt with another layer of white fleece underneath it forming extra detail at the collar and sleeves. I then went out with my boyfriend to a coffee shop wearing this shirt. He commented on how I am a cute fashion designer and then we proceeded to order bottles of coke at the coffee shop. It was a really hot sunny day and I started feeling really warm and sweaty in the fleece shirt. Moments later, I woke up in a sweat.

First of all, fleece is hardly a fashionable fabric and why the eff would I dream about wearing warm clothing followed by waking up in a sweat? This was seriously fucking strange. Usually sweaty dreams involve a more erotic scene but, fleece clothing? seriously? WTF? And just for the record, it was a rather cold night and my head was right by an open window with a cold breeze coming in.

I wonder what this means, if dreams really mean anything…

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