I woke up on Sunday morning July 31 to find my phone line out-of-order and as a result the Internet was no longer functioning either. Being without the Internet once again made me realize just how attached to it I really am. Although I still have access to email, Facebook, twitter and basic web browsing via my smartphone it does not offer the full web and desktop experience required to take care of my tasks.

Last week was really unproductive for me. I struggled to bring myself to do anything that didn’t involve some sort of digital access to the rest of the world. I felt anxious and trapped, struggling to grasp the reality of disconnection.

As I sat there staring into nothingness I realized that I’ve been severely neglecting one of the few things that has kept me sane and entertained over the last few years. I grabbed a pen and immediately started writing about the first thing that came to mind. Usually I would sit down in front of my computer to write but, I guess the lack of Internet connectivity got me interested in writing the old pen-to-paper way which was the only option for many historical authors before we had access to any form of text input device. Imagine writing, editing, re-writing and copying an entire book by hand. Just thinking about it made me put down my pen and return to my desk to type out my thoughts on the computer instead of continuing to write them on paper. I quickly lost the urge to try historical techniques and silently thanked the universe for the great evolution in human wisdom and knowledge which made it possible for people to create the wonderful technologies on which I have become so reliant.

I am a child of the future, one who loves, embraces and quickly adapts to new technologies. Why would I want to write with a physical pen and paper when I can do it digitally? This also explains my fascination and obsession with all things new such as my love of the Second Life viewer 2 technology or the new Mac OS X Lion operating system. Technological improvement end change excites me more than anything else that I can think of. Does this mean I am a nerd or a geek? No, it just means that I am embracing the future. Technology is the future! Get with it!

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